A feminist awakening

Thanks to Haima Xingqiu, I finally discovered something called Feminist and Feminism, that echoes my bad feelings about myself.

The constant feeling that I am not capable compared to men.

The feelings that I should belong to someone, but I actually don’t want to.

The feeling that I have to constantly check, on my own behaviors to see, if I am too bossy, or people will dislike me if I care more about my own needs than theirs.

Oh even, I will always be imperfect because I don't have the model shape, or the angel’s face, or the sexy look, or the smell. Even I am smart, and working hard all the time. I have all the shortcomings that make me an imperfect human.

In this way, I don’t have the right to ask more, because I lack all that.

Fuck all this.

The clouds and myth about myself suddenly crack a crack. A tiny but strong light shines on me. I see myself like the supergirl shuibingyue who is holding a magic hairband.

I love the saying. Personal is political. or vice versa. I couldn't care about political matters less before. Until now, Patriarchy or male-dominated society threatens my life and my soul. This is a shabby killer.

The key message is here. As long as I am awakening, I will pass this message and belief to my daughter my mother, and try my husband for a bit.

I am glad and proud and relieved that finally, I found some firm belief in my soul.


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